5 Largest scheduled 2023 Atlanta Falcons cap hits

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3. Chris Lindstrom $13.7 Million projected cap hit

Lindstrom is one of the best guards in football and well deserving of the deal he was handed this off-season. In Arthur Smith's run-focused offense, Atlanta's offensive line has thrived and none have benefitted or upgraded their game more than Lindstrom.

Chris has an argument as Atlanta's best player considering the impact and consistency that he offers. Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary are perfect examples of young players that grew to fit into Arthur Smith's system and the team is now building around both players.

Extending their right guard and tackle locking up the current building blocks on the offensive line long term. While there should be some slight concern when it comes to regression from McGary, Lindstrom is well-established and will continue to be one of the league's top starters.

Outside of left guard, this is now a veteran line that Desmond Ridder can count on as he attempts to establish himself as a franchise quarterback. Atlanta having an established offensive line and the running game clearly makes the most difficult job as simple as possible for their signal caller.