5 Largest scheduled 2023 Atlanta Falcons cap hits

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5. Kyle Pitts $8.9 Million projected cap hit

Kyle Pitts was the right choice for the Atlanta Falcons despite how last season went for the second-year tight end. It seems the record that Pitts set in his rookie season with so little help around him was completely wiped away after one year of struggles that were due to the quarterback and play calling.

Desmond Ridder needs to only be a capable passer to be a far better option for Pitts. Kyle's lack of production in his second season is simply due to Mariota so often missing Kyle or the tight end being used as a blocker in Arthur Smith's system.

Not only will Ridder starting help Kyle return to form but the addition of Jonnu Smith who can play a lot of the traditional tight end roles and allow Pitts to play as a receiver far more often. Atlanta should often be expected to have both Smith and Pitts on the field allowing Drake London and Kyle to be the primary receivers.

Pitts' production should move past the numbers he put up in his rookie year establishing himself as the most talented pass catcher on this roster.