5 Legends the Atlanta Falcons wish they could add to their current roster

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Five franchise legends that the Atlanta Falcons would love to add

The Atlanta Falcons might finally have a decent team in 2023 but that doesn't mean they wouldn't willingly take some help from a franchise legend or two.

If they could take their pick of any legend, which ones would they pick? That is what we will look at as we will select five legends that Arthur Smith, Terry Fontenot, and the Falcons would choose to add to their current team.

No need to waste time, here are those five players (in their prime) that the current roster would love to have on their team.

1. Tony Gonzalez, TE, Atlanta Falcons (2009-2013)

Tony Gonzalez, Tony G, Tony Gonzo, the GOAT, there are so many things you could call him and Arthur Smith certainly wishes he could call him up and convince him to find the fountain of youth, lace up his cleats, and join the Falcons again.

He is the greatest tight end of all time, no doubt about it. It is still perplexing how anyone can argue against that. Tony Gonzalez was ridiculously good and ridiculously consistent. He was as sure-handed as they come, he never fumbled, he was the smartest player on the field, and knew how to use his size better than anyone.

Arthur Smith would love to add Gonzalez to an offense that already has Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith at the position.

However, if Smith could convince him to come back again, Tony would have to agree to not dunk the football over the goalpost anymore.