5 Legends the Atlanta Falcons wish they could add to their current roster

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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4. Deion Sanders, CB, Atlanta Falcons (1989-1993)

Deion Sanders is one you cannot skip on a list like this. The former Atlanta Falcons cornerback is unanimously considered to be the greatest player of all time at his position and one of the best athletes the world has ever seen.

Having Deion Sanders and A.J. Terrell would be lethal for the defense. Sanders could routinely follow the opposition's number-one receiver while Terrell handles the leftovers. No one would be able to pass against this team considering you would have a great trio of corners and a pretty good duo of safeties—who needs a pass rush with that secondary?

Sanders could also play wide receiver and has some dynamic special teams ability. He is a triple threat that the Atlanta Falcons would be ecstatic to have.