5 Most likely first round fits for the Atlanta Falcons

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Terry Fontenot
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Not only are the Atlanta Falcons continually tied to Lamar Jackson this season but the team has become a landing spot in mock drafts for Anthony Richardson or Will Levis. Making it all the more important to pay attention to a team that is clearly telling you they are not taking a quarterback in the first round.

With Heinicke locked in as the backup, it would be surprising to see them add to the position whatsoever in the first two days of the draft. This is a team that has clearly put focus on building around Desmond Ridder and giving the second-year quarterback every chance to prove he is the answer.

After taking Kyle Pitts and Drake London in their first two seasons Terry Fontenot and the front office are likely to change directions looking to add to the defense in this year's first round. With the 8th pick in the draft and at least three quarterbacks going before their selection it is clear which prospects are most likely to land in Atlanta if you're paying close attention starting with a player who may not leave Georgia any time soon.