5 Most likely first round fits for the Atlanta Falcons

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Myles Murphy
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2. Myles Murphy

Why is Myles Murphy falling in mock drafts this off-season? This seems to be a case where the pick is being overthought with many outthinking themselves when the selection couldn't be more obvious. Between Smith and Murphy, it is clear Myles is the more established pass rusher and would have an immediate impact off the edge for Atlanta.

Myles clearly has top-ten potential and is a more polished edger rusher than Smith and comes with much less bust potential than other picks being tied to the Atlanta Falcons. This isn't to say either player would be a bad pick for the Falcons but simply pointing out that Murphy is the more established pass rusher and still could be a top-ten pick.

While there might be some concern with the Falcons taking an edge rusher out of Clemson considering how they fared last time they made that decision there are none of the red flags that were clearly attached to Vic Beasley.

If there is one concern with Murphy it is the defender's ability to finish the tackle failing to take advantage of all of his opportunities to make plays either in the backfield or against a quarterback in the pocket. Finishing plays historically have haunted the Atlanta defense and that is the lone red flag that could keep Murphy from landing in Atlanta.