5 Most likely first round fits for the Atlanta Falcons

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Adonai Mitchell, Christian Gonzalez
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4. Christian Gonzalez

If the Falcons are going to take a corner in the first round without trading down Gonzalez should be the only player they consider. After losing Isaiah Oliver in free agency the Falcons' depth chart at corner should be something along the lines of A.J. Terrell, Casey Hayward, Mike Hughes, and Dee Alford.

While adding Jessie Bates behind them will help the production from the corner position it is hard to say Atlanta improved. Adding Gonzalez completely changes the dynamic with Terrell and Gonzalez as the clear starters and Hayward, Hughes, and Alford competing for time and playing the nickel.

Gonzalez is only a three-year starter and gave reason to believe in his junior season with the Ducks he will be a top-ten pick and the first corner off the board. Part of what makes Gonzalez an attractive fit is his frame and speed able to quickly recover from mistakes or simply use his size to win the matchup.