5 most underrated Atlanta Falcons so far in 2023

The five players for the Atlanta Falcons who have not gotten enough credit for how well they have played in 2023

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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3. Dee Alford, CB

Dee Alford came to the Atlanta Falcons last year from the CFL and proceeded to put on a show during training camp and preseason. He earned a roster spot and a bunch of playing time. And here we are in his second year where he has taken over as the Falcons' starting slot corner.

Dee Alford has truly been a top-three slot CB in the NFL this year. He has been excellent in coverage and has been more than willing to get his uniform dirty and stop the run.

His physicality is really the impressive part. Alford is the key to this defense and that became evident when he was pulled from the game in London and was evaluated for a head injury. His absence immediately resulted in a revival for the Jaguars' offense.