5 most underrated Atlanta Falcons so far in 2023

The five players for the Atlanta Falcons who have not gotten enough credit for how well they have played in 2023
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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4. A.J. Terrell, CB

Here we are in A.J. Terrell's fourth year and he is still the most underrated cornerback in the NFL. Fans don't realize how incredible he has been this year.

Terrell has been one of the few lockdown corners in the NFL. According to PFF, Terrell has only given up 100 yards receiving (sixth fewest among CBs with >125 snaps) and one touchdown (30 of the yards and the lone touchdown came on one play) and also made six "stops" and has 11 tackles with only one missed tackle.

The Falcons' top cornerback has been as elite as elite gets, especially if you take out three mistakes he has made—two being pass interference penalties and the other being the Calvin Ridley touchdown he gave up because he got caught looking in the backfield.

He is a complete cornerback; he can cover, he can defend the run, and he can lay the wood on opposing players. Someone just needs to donate him a couple of hands.