5 Moves the Atlanta Falcons should make before the 2023 season

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4. Cut Feleipe Franks

Aside from the blown leads over the past two seasons arguably the biggest point of frustration with head coach Arthur Smith has been an inconsistent message. On one hand, you have Smith preaching that every roster spot is earned regardless of experience or pay level and on the other you have the situations with Mayfield, Marcus Mariota, and Franks.

Arthur Smith clearly appreciates hard work and expects starting roles to be earned. However, this hasn't always been the case most notably with the three players mentioned. Franks is still on the roster despite not playing any position he has attempted at a high level.

Franks isn't great on special teams and failed at tight-end and quarterback thus far in his career. While the ability to play multiple positions is nice, it is only helpful if you can play at least one of those positions and contribute to winning.

As Atlanta's mentality changes from a rebuilding team with limited cap space to one looking to make the playoffs it is time to move on from Franks and make a move the team should have a season ago.

It isn't hard to go back to either of the last two seasons and find a player that could have contributed more than Franks has from his roster spots each of the last two seasons.