5 non-QB trades that the Atlanta Falcons must make ASAP

While there has been so much talk about the Atlanta Falcons situation at quarterback, the team could still use these five players that aren't QBs
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Five non-QBs the Atlanta Falcons need to trade for

It seems like all the news this year about the Atlanta Falcons has been centered around the quarterback. While it is an important position, there are still plenty of other positions that have underperformed and should be talked about.

To fix these issues the Falcons would need to pull off a trade since there isn't a fix on the roster and there aren't many free agents available.

Here are five players the Atlanta Falcons should be trying to acquire before the trade deadline.

1. Derek Barnett, DE, Philadelphia Eagles

Derek Barnett has not found any consistency with the Philadelphia Eagles since he was drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

He is also buried on the Eagles depth chart and has become a piece that they frankly do not need. There has been talk about him being on the trade block and the Atlanta Falcons should be interested.

Barnett was a dominant player at Tennessee and it might be worth trading a late-round pick for him. The Falcons, per usual, have been disappointing at edge rusher so maybe bringing in someone like Barnett could turn things around.