5 overrated free agents the Falcons were smart to avoid

The Falcons front office is smart for not signing these free agents who won't work out

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The Falcons have gone for quality over quantity during this year's free agency period, which is a smart move considering where their roster stands right now.

Kirk Cousins is a plug-and-play solution for the biggest issue last year, Darnell Mooney has been a victim of the Bears' offensive failures, and Charlie Woerner has been one of the best run blockers in the NFL. Each one of these signings will contribute to the team immediately.

The same cannot be said about many free agents. Every year we see free-agent busts whom teams throw money at. These are a handful of those players who we should be glad the Atlanta Falcons did not sign.

1. Russell Wilson, QB

Signed with Steelers for 1 year, $1.2 million

You look at his financial numbers and you might wonder how Russell Wilson is someone you should avoid. Simply put, he would have not been a great scheme fit for the Falcons.

While Kirk Cousins signed for a whole heck of a lot more, the Falcons have a much better shot at winning a Super Bowl with Cousins compared to Wilson and some extra money.

It is hard to imagine Wilson turning back the clock five-plus years and playing like an MVP candidate. And he wouldn't do well sitting on the bench again.