5 positions most likely to be drafted in first round by the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have cleared up massive holes on their roster which gives them a broader range of positions they can target in the first round.

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With Kirk Cousins and a better group of receivers, edge rusher needs to be the Atlanta Falcons' next priority.

They do not have anyone at the position besides Arnold Ebiketie. Even if Ebiketie breaks out for 15 sacks, they could still invest a top-ten pick at the position.

Fortunately, they should have all options open to them. Again, quarterbacks, receivers, and offensive tackles are going to go early which could leave the Falcons with the best defensive prospect on the board—which will be an edge rusher.


Not only would the Falcons be taking the 'best player available' but they would also be filling their biggest need—win-win.

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