5 Quarterbacks that could destroy the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon
Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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2. Bo Nix

Yes, with the Ducks Bo Nix was incredible to watch playing an entertaining brand of ball. However, he was in the perfect system with great weapons to fit his skill set. This is a Ducks team that was very close to beating Washington a team that would win the first round of the CFP.

It was an impressive year and with a good combine Bo Nix is likely an early day two pick with Jayden Daniels, Caleb Williams, and Drake Maye all clearly ahead of him. Nix is an older prospect that comes with a myriad of concerns.

The NFL version of Nix is likely much closer to what we saw in Auburn and not the player he was with the Ducks. Whether it is his ability to process the field or not letting a play go the reasons to avoid Nix in Atlanta are obvious. Perhaps in the perfect NFL system, Nix could be a solid backup but he clearly isn't a starter long-term, and drafting him as such sets your team up for failure.

Atlanta should consider drafting a quarterback if they are able to move up but after the first three names, they should be bringing in a veteran starter as well.