5 Quarterbacks that could destroy the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

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3. Kyler Murray

It seems the Cardinals understand they are stuck with Kyler as their quarterback and are not moving on. However, there has been trade speculation in the past and Kyler's name will keep coming up when teams are searching for a quarterback. Arizona has put themselves in a horrible position by paying their young quarterback far too soon.

If the contract situation was different Kyler could be the answer for Atlanta. But you simply cannot afford to trade for him considering his current deal. Arizona can't afford to move on and any team that takes on that contract deserves to have their entire front office fired.

Kyler has been injured often over the past two seasons and clearly isn't the player he appeared to be for the Cardinals early on. There has been speculation about his study habits and ability to put in the time needed to play the position at a high level. Whether or not there is any merit to that simply doesn't matter. Kyler could clearly be a top ten quarterback in this league and the Falcons still can't afford to bring him in and build a complete roster it simply doesn't work.