5 Quarterbacks that could destroy the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

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5. Desmond Ridder

It seems there are still some Atlanta Falcons fans willing to blame Arthur Smith for Ridder's 2023 season. Whether it is wanting him on the roster as the second option or to have a chance to compete for a job if Ridder starts Atlanta's season is over. Raheem Morris clearly knows this and should make the moves to put Ridder as the third option on this roster.

Even as the backup would be acceptable if the starter doesn't have an injury history. Yes, Arthur Smith deserves a lot of blame for the offense and how things went in 2023. But we must be objective and look at Ridder's turnovers and the missed reads on the field. These are basic college mistakes and things that Ridder is responsible for himself.

You cannot hand the ball to the defense as easily as Ridder did in huge spots. It wasn't Smith's fault that Desmond couldn't throw the ball away or see the open man. He clearly made it more difficult on Desmond by rarely scheming open receivers but Ridder's choices still speak to his lack of adjustments at the next level. If Ridder is ever put back into the starting lineup for an extended period Atlanta's season will be over.