5 quarterbacks the Falcons would have pursued if not for Kirk Cousins

If the Falcons had struck out on Kirk Cousins, here are the five quarterbacks they would have moved their sights to.

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Justin Fields. . Fields. 57. . Traded to Steelers. . Justin Fields. 4. player

I have never bought the hype around the Falcons' supposed pursuit of Justin Fields. I have never understood why the media and fans think he would be such a great fit. Yes, he is a great fit for the city but he is the furthest thing from a great fit on the field.

With that being said if the Falcons were backed into a corner and didn't want to go into the NFL Draft without a legit starter on their roster, then Justin Fields would have been the best bet.

Offensive coordinators can adapt their scheme if need be. Fields is so talented and he would have brought a lot of hype to the city of Atlanta. Instead, he will secretly be hoping for a Russell Wilson meltdown.