5 recent Falcons players who came so close to NFL stardom

Five players who were on the verge of being the best in the NFL for the Falcons.
Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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5. Calvin Ridley

If there was ever a player who bordered on the line of do we give 'him a lucrative contract?' or 'do we let him walk?' it was Calvin Ridley.

The former first-round pick was excellent for the Atlanta Falcons, especially when paired with Julio Jones. He was a slick route runner, made plays after the catch, and scored touchdowns. However, his lack of physicality always made an extension a risk.

We all know how things played out; he was suspended for gambling, was traded to the Jaguars, and recently ditched the Jaguars for a giant payday in Tennessee.

One thing has remained consistent throughout his Pro Bowl-less career: he works best when he has a superstar teammate to take pressure off him. He isn't the type of player who will be a superstar all on his own which keeps him from stardom.

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