5 Teams that deserve more criticism than the Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers deserve more criticism than the Atlanta Falcons

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are suffering from something that the Atlanta Falcons know all too well—dead cap space. The Bucs are currently marred by Tom Brady's $35 million dead cap hit. They also have a lot of cash dedicated to their receiver position.

They have a quarterbacks room that consists of Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield but yet everyone wants to criticize the Falcons for rolling with their second-year quarterback Desmond Ridder.

Baker Mayfield may be a former first-overall pick, and Kyle Trask may be a former second-round pick but Ridder is the easiest to envision being successful next season. Why is the media so derogatory of the Falcons for trusting their quarterback who was the second player taken at the position just a year ago while the Bucs are being led by a QB on his fourth team in less than a year and a QB who has thrown nine passes in two seasons?