5 Teams the Atlanta Falcons will be chasing in the NFC race

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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2. Dallas Cowboys

After the 49ers every team on this list is someone Atlanta has the ceiling to contend with. However, in the regular season the Dallas Cowboys are still a far superior team. Dak Prescott is on the same level as Kirk Cousins and both teams have elite receiving weapons.

Where Dallas has Atlanta clearly beaten is with Micah Parsons and a pass rush Atlanta fans can only dream of. With that said, where the matchup gets interesting for Atlanta is in their ability to run the ball and spread out a thin Dallas secondary.

A secondary that Green Bay completely exposed in the playoffs. While Dallas deserves the respect of their recent accomplishments they are all in the regular season. Atlanta will face Dallas this season in a game that will serve as a measuring stick for where Atlanta is in the NFC picture.

The Cowboys are champions of the regular season with their only recent playoff victory being over the NFC South. From Atlanta's perspective who on your roster matches up against Lamb and Cooks? In a weak NFC the Dallas Cowboys are going to continue to be extremely relevant and at this moment are far above Atlanta. However, the Falcons have the talent on offense to change this.