5 Teams the Atlanta Falcons will be chasing in the NFC race

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4. Green Bay Packers

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons and Desmond Ridder beat the Packers in the regular season in the best game of the season. However, any objective NFL fan will tell you the team Atlanta beat in the regular season isn't the same unit that ran the Cowboys off their own field in the playoffs.

Jordan Love turned into a franchise quarterback who had confidence in his game and ability to carry this team. The Packers are a proven team with a playoff win. The Falcons are simply a young roster that brought in an established quarterback.

Green Bay deserves the respect of their accomplishment with the understanding they are within Atlanta's reach. The running game and young defensive pieces are all concerns for the Packers moving forward.

These are issues that a great franchise quarterback can overcome. Jordan Love could be that guy and since Thanksgiving of last year has shown flashes of what his ceiling can be. Give the Packers another full season with Love and it is completely possible they surpass Dallas, Detroit, and Philly as the second clearest threat to the 49ers in the NFC.