5 Teams the Atlanta Falcons will be chasing in the NFC race

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5. Philadelphia Eagles

It is a debate whether or not this team belongs on the list any longer. Perhaps it should be last year's NFC South winner that gets the final spot. Baker Mayfield led Tampa to a first-round upset over the Eagles and the game never felt all that close. The Eagles are a team that went from dominating their division to being unable to beat the worst teams in the league.

What version of the Eagles will show up in the 2024 season? Jalen Hurts and the offense has all of the pieces to be every bit as good as any team in the league. What happened that brought this roster to the screeching halt it came to by the end of the season?

If it is a coaching problem as some suspect it is going to get worse before it improves. You lost two franchise leaders in Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce. How much do those moves hurt you moving forward?

Philly makes the list based on the talent on their roster but their spot is tenuous at best. Matthew Stafford and the Rams or Baker Mayfield and the Bucs both have arguments as more deserving. However, the talent on this roster is far too deep to ignore.