5 underrated players who will shine in Atlanta Falcons training camp

With training camp underway for the Atlanta Falcons, here are five underrated players who will shine during camp.
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The five underrated players who will shine for the Atlanta Falcons in training camp

We are in the early parts of Atlanta Falcons training camp and there have already been a few standout players.

While we should keep our expectations and hype in check throughout training camp, there is still reason to get excited when you hear good things about certain players. There will be a lot of players who stick out that you would not have expected to. Think back to last year, no one was expecting Dee Alford to do what he did.

These are five players who are currently lurking in the shadows and will be in the spotlight by the end of training camp.

Falcons underrated camp player No. 1: Nate Landman, LB

Nate Landman is a very under-the-radar player for the Atlanta Falcons who isn't expected to contribute much. However, I have a gut feeling about him after he was a pleasant surprise coming out of training camp and preseason as a rookie last year.

Landman is a versatile player who can play both on and off-the-ball linebacker, as well as special teams. He should have plenty of opportunities to prove that he can contribute to the Falcons.