6 Atlanta Falcons facing an uncertain future after NFL Draft

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1. Lorenzo Carter

Lorenzo Carter appears to be a great teammate and a solid locker-room presence, however, he lacks the ability to consistently put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. This is somewhat of a required skill for a pass rusher. Despite the clear concerns with Carter's lack of ability as a pass rusher he has a great motor and is a fantastic run defender. These are highly valued by Atlanta's defensive staff and could keep Carter on the roster for the time being.

There is also the fact that Trice is the only edge rusher that the Falcons added in the draft leaving a real chance that Carter is still atop the depth chart at the start of the season. Carter's contract would demand he be cut by any team with anything close to a capable pass rush.

Atlanta has upgrades left in free agency at receiver, corner, and safety. Cutting Carter could help make those moves but it appears that Atlanta remains content with their current depth chart. Terry Fontenot has shown a loyalty towards certain players that appeared to be obvious cuts.

Taylor Heinicke serves as another example of this as a player that many would believed would be an obvious cut going into the year.