6 Atlanta Falcons facing an uncertain future after NFL Draft

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2. Kirk Cousins

First let's deal with the trade rumors here, they are completely ridiculous and ignore the contract situation and everything Atlanta has said about the position. Second is pointing out the obvious that Cousins and Atlanta are not on the same page and it is the franchise at fault for not making their quarterback aware of prior to drafting his position with the 8th overall pick.

The reason that Cousins makes this list is based on the fact he was handed a four-year contract quickly followed by the team drafting a quarterback. Your front office is telling you they have no plans of honoring the deal they just gave you.

After year two there is a clear escape from the contract though the team will still face a dead cap hit. Cousins is under far more pressure now to return from his injury in full form. If not the fans and front office will begin to question whether the rookie sitting on the bench is an option.

Quarterbacks have healthy egos and the Falcons' first move as a franchise was to insult Kirk's and inform him the four-year deal he was given wasn't believed in.