6 Atlanta Falcons facing an uncertain future after NFL Draft

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4. Eddie Goldman and LaCale London

These are the two players who were already clearly fighting for rotational depth roles on Atlanta's roster. London was solid in small doses but now faces a lot of competition with Atlanta adding so many pieces to the defensive line.

Goldman is unretired for the second time and is attempting his third season with the Falcons. Considering the team bringing him back each time he is obviously well respected. Still, the road has obviously gotten considerably harder for both of these players to make the final roster.

Grady Jarrett, David Onyemata, Zach Harrison, and Brandon Dorlus should be considered locks. Add in two more rookies and a new rookie edge rusher and the spots are quickly dwindling for the two veterans looking to fight their way onto the roster.

5. Ade Ogundeji

Atlanta selecting any edge rusher was going to bump someone off the depth chart and it appears most likely to be Ade. If the edge doesn't have a huge camp he could be an early cut with injuries and slow production keeping him off the field early in his career.