6 Atlanta Falcons fighting for their jobs over final three games

These Atlanta Falcons will be fighting for their lives over the final three games in the regular season

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Van Jefferson

Speaking of not performing, Van Jefferson has done absolutely nothing since he was traded for a couple of months ago. This has been another trade that has blown up in the faces of the Atlanta Falcons.

Jefferson's most memorable moment with the Falcons came on a dropped fourth-down catch against the Tennessee Titans. Or it might have been last week when he wasn't able to catch up to a deep pass because of a defensive pass interference that wasn't called.

Safe to say, it has been a bad time in Atlanta. It is rough because the Falcons traded back a round to pick him up from the Rams, so there is future penalty for acquiring this wide receiver.

Jefferson isn't only fighting for his job in Atlanta but also for his job in the NFL.