6 Atlanta Falcons fighting for their jobs over final three games

These Atlanta Falcons will be fighting for their lives over the final three games in the regular season

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Arthur Smith and his entire offensive staff

Arthur Smith is the first name that pops in anyones mind when you talk about jobs on the line. He is fighting for his life as he tries to prove to owner Arthur Blank that he is the right guy for the job.

It has not been anywhere close to good enough for Smith. His specialty is offense and the offense has been the major weak link of the 2023 Atlanta Falcons. It has been ugly to watch.

Getting this team to the playoffs has to be his goal and that would essentially require his team to go 3-0 over the final three weeks. That also means his offense needs to score more than seven points in a game. Smith is fighting an uphill battle and there is no reason to think that he and his offensive staff won't be looking for a new jobs in January.