6 Atlanta Falcons the team is relying on to improve 2024 production

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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3. Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson shared carries with Tyler Allgeier in the 2023 season and was facing an uphill battle. The opposing defense had zero fear that Desmond Ridder was going to beat them. The defensive front could pack the line and the secondary could take extra steps closer in pre-snap support.

Robinson's lack of elite production wasn't completely on usage. A part of it was due to Robinson being the primary concern for the opposing defense. Stop the run and the Falcons were extremely unlikely to score. With the addition of Kirk Cousins, that is no longer the case and Robinson's numbers are going to reflect that.

As long as ball security improves it would be fair to expect Robinson to be the team's primary weapon to start the season. The Falcons have hinted at putting Bijan Robinson in a Christian McCaffrey-type role. This means not only taking the bulk of the carries but consistently being used in the passing attack as well.

Robinson wasn't a perfect receiver in his rookie year but showed the skill-set to be used in such a role. As long as the second-year player stays healthy career highs and top-five numbers should be expected.