6 Atlanta Falcons the team is relying on to improve 2024 production

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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4. Drake London

Drake London isn't given enough credit for how he has handled the past two seasons in Atlanta. London is an elite receiving talent and was consistently used as a blocker or a decoy. Even in plays where he was an option it was rare for Ridder and Mariota to get him the football.

It doesn't matter whether it is London or Pitts who wins the primary receiver role. Kirk Cousins is going to feed both players and the numbers are going to jump up. Looking at Kirk Cousins' career a 3,500-4,000-passing yard season is the expectation even with Bijan Robinson factored in.

Of that yardage total, it is hard to believe that London and Pitts won't both post career-highs if healthy. London, in particular, is a great fit for Cousins and could put up elite numbers in his first year with a capable quarterback.

It will be interesting to watch the chemistry early on in the year to see who Cousins prefers to get the football. It is a great problem to have for a veteran quarterback who stepped away from Justin Jefferson into a great trio of potentially elite weapons in Atlanta.