6 Atlanta Falcons the team is relying on to improve 2024 production

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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6. Grady Jarrett

The Atlanta Falcons' offseason fascination with adding to the defensive line remains odd. For a team with a starting duo of David Onyemata and Grady Jarrett, you would think it is energy they would focus elsewhere. This isn't to underestimate the importance of the trenches but pointing out with their current duo the pass rush and secondary seem to be more pressing concerns.

Regardless, the Falcons are getting a huge addition to their defense back in Jarett. Grady Jarrett missed the bulk of the 2023 season due to injury. The production and drop-off from the unit were obvious once Jarrett left.

Atlanta lacks the depth to lose Jarrett for any long period of time again. Despite the myriad of defensive line additions, no one can replace Jarrett's leadership and production. If the Falcons are going to win the division and make any noise in the playoffs Jarrett must be a driving force.

This isn't to say the numbers have to be gaudy but rather, Jarrett needs to be the consistent disruptive force he has been throughout his career. With improved pieces on defense, this will give the unit a chance at stability. The best Atlanta can hope for with their current defensive pieces.