6 Bridge quarterbacks the Falcons should have considered before drafting Penix

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Kirk Cousins is a good franchise quarterback who gives his team a chance to win almost every week. The fault with this year's quarterback moves isn't on Cousins but fully on the front office. Atlanta adding both Michael Penix Jr. and Kirk Cousins in the same offseason simply doesn't make sense.

You are neither committing to your young quarterback or giving your veteran quarterback his best chance at making a run. Atlanta is attempting to both build around young pieces and win-now with Kirk Cousins.

Even if Penix wasn't ready the Falcons had far more fitting targets if they planned to draft a quarterback 8th overall

It makes little sense and wasted a potentially important chance to add a starter with the 8th overall pick. On the other side of the argument, you wasted the chance to build a strong roster around a cheap quarterback.

Even if the Falcons didn't believe Penix was fully ready there were options that made far more sense for Atlanta. The Falcons either needed to go all in with Cousins or look to build a strong roster and find a bridge quarterback to put ahead of Penix. With this in mind, let's look at the quarterbacks who were both cheap and would have been sensible bridge options for Atlanta this offseason.