6 Bridge quarterbacks the Falcons should have considered before drafting Penix

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1. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson was a complete mess in year one with Denver and was set up for failure by Sean Payton the following season. Wilson's numbers are a bit misleading as to how productive the quarterback was in reality. The Falcons could have bought low on a player who is the ultimate professional.

The issues with Wilson having his own office or being a bit different than his teammates have often been referenced on Wilson's way out of Denver. Faults that seem to be overblown and undeserved for a player with the veteran's accomplishments.

At this point in their careers Cousins is unquestionably the better starter. However, if you're going to add Penix Jr. signing Russell Wilson is the most sensible move. Wilson gives you a chance to win the division without being in the way long term.

If Penix is ready faster than expected you can move Wilson without a lot of issues. If he is playing well you have a valuable trade chip and if not the Falcons can easily move off a small contract. The problem isn't having a player in front of Penix, it is the expense and the length of the deals matching up that are the problems.