6 former Atlanta Falcons players who failed with their new team in 2023

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1. Deion Jones

The Atlanta Falcons would have struggled to make the Super Bowl or the playoffs in 2016 and 2017 without Deion Jones. In his rookie contract, he was a special player who could cover ground unbelievably fast and had a way of always finding the football.

It is easy to forget who Deion Jones was early on in his career watching the player that he is now. After a failed season with the Browns and Panthers, it is fair to question how much career Jones has left. In his final seasons with Atlanta Deion had his motor and attitude questioned considering the severe drop off in the level of play.

Whether this is fair or not there is no questioning that Jones isn't anything close to the player he once was. The Falcons made the right decision taking the dead cap hit a season ago and moving on from the veteran. Jones continued to show in Carolina the reasons why teams aren't anxious to add his skillset and what caused Atlanta to move on. It is a sad end for a player who meant so much to the Falcons in his early seasons. Whether it is motor, injuries, or simply diminishing skill Deion isn't the player he once was.