6 players the Atlanta Falcons could have drafted instead of Desmond Ridder

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Desmond Ridder in the third round and he didn't even make it to his third year before getting traded. Here are six players the team could have drafted instead.

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5. Falcons could have drafted RB Isiah Pacheco

Originally drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs (Round 7, Pick 251)

There were a couple of great seventh-round picks in 2022 who went on to play a huge role in their teams' Super Bowl runs this past year.

The first one was Isiah Pacheco who has become one of the toughest runners in the league. He runs angry for his size and I am not sure the Chiefs would trade him for anything considering the attitude he brings to their offensive attack.


6. Falcons could have drafted QB Brock Purdy

Originally drafted by the San Francisco 49ers (Round 7, Pick 262)

While the discussion about how good Brock Purdy would be on any other team is complicated, what isn't complicated is the idea that he would have played a lot better than Desmond Ridder did.

Mr. Irrelevant was not expected to be anything more than an offseason body for Kyle Shanahan. Suddenly, Shanahan found himself asking if the first-year quarterback was the best quarterback on the team.

Purdy's career has taken off and 31 other teams regret passing on him in the late rounds.

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