6 pros and cons of firing Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith has been on the hot seat, according to fans and media. Here are the pros and cons of firing the third year head coach.

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Con: You destroy any chemistry you already have

Chemistry is a big part of football, we all know that. The great teams are full of players who view each other like family. Firing the main leader of that family could ruin everything you have been building for years.

While fans may not like Arthur Smith, players seem to enjoy being around him. He has a unique personality that many players appreciate. Guys like Cordarrelle Patterson and Jonnu Smith have been huge supporters of him and that is extremely telling.

Bringing in a new face would require adjustment. It could cause players to lose loyalty and trust. Those are the things that owners have to take into account when making these huge decisions.

It is rare to find a head coach who comes in and is dominant from day one. That usually requires a lot of talent on the field. Dan Campbell is an example of that; he was only able to win two games in his first season and then had a rough start to his second season. Now, things are meshing and players are performing. Firing a head coach requires a long outlook.