6 pros and cons of firing Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith has been on the hot seat, according to fans and media. Here are the pros and cons of firing the third year head coach.

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Pro: You rip the band-aid off and get a head start on the future

If we are being perfectly honest, this is something Arthur Blank failed to do with Dan Quinn. Quinn took his team to the Super Bowl and brought a lot of success to this organization, but then things fell off a cliff.

Instead of just ripping the proverbial band-aid off, things were slow-played. It took a few years for Quinn to be fired and that wasted a few years.

It became evident that Quinn's tenure in Atlanta was over. It was obvious that his team was only headed downward. It isn't a discredit to Quinn and his abilities, it is just something that happens in football.

Is Arthur Smith to that point yet? Probably not, but it is debatable. By moving on from Smith, you jumpstart another new era and prove you learned something from how the tenure of the last two head coaches went down.

The other thing piece to this is that you get a head start in the NFC South. I don't think Dennis Allen and Todd Bowles are going to win a Super Bowl with their respective teams. The Panthers will be looking for a new coach coach, again, and the health of their franchise is terrible, so the Falcons would be in the best position moving forward (if they aren't already).