6 Underrated Atlanta Falcons players who could make a massive impact next season

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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1. Darnell Mooney

With the contract the Atlanta Falcons just handed receiver Darnell Mooney there is no question he isn't underpaid. However, the receiver's talent is still overlooked due to the team he has been playing for. The Chicago Bears passing attack has been a complete mess since Mooney joined the roster.

Justin Fields has been the quarterback for the majority of that time and is unable to get the ball to Mooney on time. Fields and Mooney connected on a number of big plays in their time together. However, looking at how often Mooney is open and Fields is either running for his life or missing his receiver it is obvious the potential impact Mooney could have.

All of the focus will be on what Kirk Cousins can get out of Kyle Pitts and Drake London. Considering the talent of both players this is completely understandable. However, it is going to be Darnell Mooney who is the surprise contributor. With opposing defenses forced to put their focus on Atlanta's bigger weapons, Mooney is going to surprise fans with his impact.

Mooney fits the type of target that Kirk Cousins thrives with and should provide a handful of explosive plays in the 2024 season.