6 Underrated Atlanta Falcons players who could make a massive impact next season

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2. Tyler Allgeier

How can you rush for 1,000-yards as a rookie and still be underrated? Tyler's own team opted to draft Bijan Robinson despite putting up what was a great rookie season. In today's league, this makes a level of sense when you consider the multi-back systems that are utilized. There is also the fact that Bijan Robinson appears to be an all-time special talent. Still, it is hard to underrate what Allgeier means to this team.

Bijan is far more likely to create an explosive play, however, hand Allgeier the ball and you know the back will fight for every yard. The power and fight that Allgeier runs with cannot be taught. It is this approach that allows him to continue to find ways to impact the offense even after the team drafted Robinson.

While Zac Robinson will feature Bijan Robinson often, expect Allgeier to continue to find ways to consistently be on the field. In year three of his rookie contract the Falcons have a great bargain at the position.

Despite Bijan's immense talent it shouldn't be shocking to see Allgeier force the team to split snaps between the two. Simply based on his motor and inability to go down after the first hit.