6 Underrated Atlanta Falcons players who could make a massive impact next season

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3. Matthew Bergeron

The Atlanta Falcons offensive line was underrated in the 2023 season. This includes a great first year from Bergeron. The guard stepped into the starting role and was one of the most consistent players on the team. He didn't get the attention of Chris Lindstrom or Kaleb McGary (for very different reasons) but he continued to show up and do his job at a high level.

It is his ability as a pass protector that fans are going to enjoy the most in the 2024 season. With Desmond Ridder often wasting what protection he was given the player that Bergeron became in year one was often overlooked.

4. Drew Dalman

Another Atlanta offensive lineman who was overlooked and cemented himself as a great starting option. Dalman solidified a position the team has struggled at since losing Alex Mack. Dalman isn't at that level but he is a great starting option that is going overlooked.

If Kaleb McGary can improve or Atlanta finds a capable replacement how great could this offensive line be? For a franchise that couldn't protect Matt Ryan for years, it appears they have finally figured it out in the trenches.