6 Veteran free agents the Atlanta Falcons should be calling this summer

Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Michael Thomas

Atlanta's depth at receiver is the best it has been since Julio Jones left the franchise. Drake London, Darnell Mooney, and Rondale Moore form a solid trio. One that is greatly improved with the knowledge of Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson's respective abilities as receivers as well.

Bringing in a veteran is a luxury move Atlanta doesn't have to make. However, the idea of adding a former Saint to haunt Atlanta's rival is far too fun to ignore. Bring Thomas in and allow the veteran the chance to compete for the 3rd or 4th receiver role. It is another low-risk move with a potentially high payoff.

4. Frank Clark

Again, can Atlanta really do anything but improve at this position? Frank Clark is much like Justin Houston, both accomplished pass rushers on the wrong side of their careers. Clark hasn't been a great pass rusher but has consistently been a capable contributor.

Despite an ugly 2023, the veteran is just one year removed from producing 5.0 sacks with the Chiefs. Give Clark a non-guaranteed deal and allow the veteran to come in and compete with Ebiketie, Trice, and Carter. What do you have to lose from making such a move? Atlanta's lack of urgency at the position continues to be alarming.