7 familiar names the Atlanta Falcons could hire as head coach

If Arthur Smith ends up getting fired, here are seven familiar names the Atlanta Falcons could hire to be their new head coach

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7 familiar faces the Atlanta Falcons could hire if they fire Arthur Smith

All signs point towards Arthur Smith being around for at least another year. Arthur Blank doesn't seem keen on the idea of finding yet another head coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

Blank has waited through some down years and won't want to blow things up and restart. However, if things go South quickly, then he won't hesitate to make the change.

There are plenty of names out there who could be viable candidates to be the head coach of the Falcons, but here are seven candidates who have already been employed by the team.

1. Ryan Nielsen

This is the obvious one. Ryan Nielsen has been an incredible coach for the Falcons. In just one offseason he has turned a chronically bad defense into one of the best in the NFL.

Nielsen is quite obviously a piece of this franchise that you never want to lose. The best way to make sure he doesn't leave is by giving him the highest position—head coach.