7 Former Atlanta Falcons still searching for new landing spots

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Cordarrelle Patterson

Update: Patterson signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday night on a two-year deal

An Atlanta Falcons fan-favorite is still sitting in free agency after a rough season. Patterson had very few chances to make impact players despite being put in a "Joker" role by Arthur Smith. It ends up that this position is meant to simply sit on the bench.

Patterson's frustration was clear and his time with the Falcons is over. With the right team, however, Patterson can still have a huge impact as a utility weapon.

2. Feleipe Franks

Another player that Arthur Smith envisioned as a utility player that failed to have an impact in 2023. There is an obvious talent and impact gap in their respective careers, however. It is hard to see Franks making any roster in the 2024 season when you consider what he has put on tape in the preseason or how he has looked in camp.

Franks was unable to make the team as a quarterback and switched positions. That did little to help his impact and when the new coaching staff was brought in the team didn't hesitate to part ways with him.

Look for Franks to change leagues with his game no longer able to stay at the NFL level.