7 free agents who make perfect sense for Atlanta Falcons after 2024 NFL Draft

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6. Xavien Howard

What type of contract is Howard expecting at this point in the offseason? This is a question that can only be answered once the move is made. If, however, it is anywhere close to Atlanta's current capabilities the team should make the move. Howard has the highest ceiling of any corner on the market and is a clear fit.

Bring in Howard as a starter and put Clark Phillips in the slot where he is best utilized. This allows you to have Dee Alford and Mike Hughes as depth and not contributing players. Howard would benefit from playing opposite A.J. Terrell and Phillips would be able to play in the position that best suits him.

7. Marcus Peters

Anyone left in free agency is going to have one of three problems aging, injury-prone, or unproven. Peters qualifies for two of these concerns despite being an extremely accomplished player. Atlanta cannot afford to be overly picky considering their limited cap space and lack of depth at the position.

Adding Peters makes the team better and is likely closer to Atlanta's price range than a deal for Howard. Either move gives your team a chance to get better at a weak position.