7 Georgia Bulldogs the Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting

Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
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1. Brock Bowers

If the Atlanta Falcons pick another skill player inside the top-ten without fixing the defense the fanbase might riot. This would be the fourth straight selection inside the first round with Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Brock Bowers giving Atlanta a scary combination of weapons.

Yes, drafting Bowers without believing you have answers on defense would be a mistake. We know, however, that Terry Fontenot loves to go into the draft believing he has the ability to take the best player on the board. Brock Bowers has a great chance of fitting that description at 8th overall.

If the Falcons aren't going to pick an edge rusher give Kirk Cousins a receiver or Brock Bowers. Bowers would fit into Zac Robinson's offense so well and with how he plays the position would fit with Kyle Pitts well.

Bowers is a glorified receiver who has a complete skill set that is going to translate into continual 1,000-yard seasons at the next level. If you want a first-round weapon that clearly fits both Robinson and Kirk Cousins keep Brock Bowers in Georgia and bring the elite weapon to Atlanta.

This is unlikely to happen considering the need at edge rusher and the risk of taking another tight-end inside the top ten. Still, it is a fun fit to consider for a team now built around a passing offense.