7 Georgia Bulldogs the Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting

Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
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2. Daijun Edwards

This isn't a fit for the Atlanta Falcons unless Edwards falls further than expected. You cannot spend a day two pick on your third running back in a passing offense. You have your star in Bijan Robinson and your power back in Tyler Allgeier. The team is looking to replace Cordarrelle Patterson and if they get the chance Edwards would be the perfect fit for such a role.

Avery Williams is set to return and could argue for the role as well. Regardless, Edwards is an exciting prospect that could thrive as an occasional change of pace depth option.

3. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint

With Atlanta's complete lack of depth at receiver any potential day two or day three picks at the position are fits. Marcus is going to get drafted but there are clear size concerns. For an undersized receiver, he lacks explosive ability in his route running which could be a problem at the next level. Despite this considering the program he comes from and the lack of receivers on Atlanta's roster it is a possible fit for both sides.