7 Highlights that prove the Falcons made right pick with Bijan Robinson

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The Atlanta Falcons made the right pick with Bijan Robinson, and these highlights prove it

If you haven't by now, Bijan Robinson is an ELECTRIC running back and the Atlanta Falcons were smart to draft him because of how incredible he is with the ball in his hands. He is more than a running back, he is an offensive weapon who will tear it up in the NFL.

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You have probably seen some of his highlights by now but, perhaps, not all of them. We will look at some of those highlights which are breathtaking. We haven't seen a running back who is this smooth in a long, long time.

Lets get right into it, starting with the first highlight of the new Falcons' running back.

Highlight #1 of the Atlanta Falcons' new RB, Bijan Robinson

This is a sweet angle of a spectacular run by Bijan Robinson. Here he is able to shrug off a few tackles, make four guys miss on numerous jukes, then burst down the runway before shrugging off a couple more tackles and reaching for the pylon for a TD.

The way he is able to string moves together is remarkable; I have a feeling we are going to be saying that a lot.