7 Highlights that prove the Falcons made right pick with Bijan Robinson

Baylor v Texas
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Highlight #6 of the Atlanta Falcons' new RB, Bijan Robinson

The Atlanta Falcons got themselves a quick-thinking running back. Bijan Robinson plays at a speed that no one else on the field does. He is able to hit the hole, make numerous guys miss in the blink of an eye, and then finish it off by crossing the goal line

It is an aspect of his game that people overlook, he processes things insanely quick which allows him to have that extra step, that no other RB has, to make a move.

Highlight #7 of the Atlanta Falcons' new RB, Bijan Robinson

This one might not be the most jaw-dropping run, but it shows off another piece of his excellent athleticism. He doesn't waste any time as he immediately jumps—seemingly floats—into the endzone while doing a flip. When a runner shows the ability to do that, it puts the defense in an incredibly difficult bind because they can't just go low, they have to cover the air.

Bonus highlight of the Atlanta Falcons' new RB, Bijan Robinson

As the caption says, he is not an average running back; he snags this pass one-handed in the air with a defender closing in. That isn't something an average running back does not do.

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