7 players who could be playing their final games with the Atlanta Falcons

With just seven games remaining, here are seven Atlanta Falcons who could be playing in their final games with the team

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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Seven players who are playing their finals games with the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have seen their roster get overturned since the current regime entered the building. This is a much different team than it was four years ago.

Things have cooled down when it comes to players leaving town since Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith have constructed the roster they envisioned.

Even with that, we could still see these seven players walk out the door once the season comes to a close.

1. Scotty Miller, WR

Scotty Miller was an intriguing signing by the Atlanta Falcons this past offseason. He is a speedy weapon at receiver who found himself falling down a talented Buccaneers' wide receiver depth chart—turns out there was a really good reason for that.

Miller has not been what anyone expected. He has failed to make plays, minus one against his former team, and has looked awful as a punt returner.

The receiver position has been a mix-and-match position for Atlanta and it is clear that Miller doesn't really have a fit in this offense. It is hard to see him returning next season.