7 players who could be playing their final games with the Atlanta Falcons

With just seven games remaining, here are seven Atlanta Falcons who could be playing in their final games with the team

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2. Mack Hollins, WR

Mack Hollins is in a very similar position as Scotty Miller. He signed a one-year contract with the hope that he would become a top receiver in this system, but that has been anything but the case.

Hollins had a great season last year but it might have been a mistake to sign with the Falcons. Early in the year, he was playing most of the snaps but his workload has declined tremendously. He is hardly even being used anymore.

It really is a shock considering he wasn't awful and is a good blocker but he also doesn't bring much agility or speed to the offense. And with KhaDarel Hodge emerging, it has sealed Hollins' fate as a bench player.